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Corporate & Culture

Mission & Values

Bi-silque’s mission is quite simple – to Connect People. This promise goes well beyond the factory floor, wallboard surfaces or interactive annotation tools. We connect local suppliers to networks, rebellious minds to schools, empowering leaders to teams, visionary entrepreneurs to dreams and growing families to communities. These likeminded people are willing to share, grateful to receive and eager to make a difference in their daily lives.

Leadership & Commitment

Successful businesses only thrive fully when they have exemplar leadership, decision makers that truly understand the value of human capital, of business innovation and continuous development of new and better methods,- ideas and solutions!

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Facts & Milestones

Capabilities & Insfrastructure

The Portuguese culture has modesty at its core. So, when customers tour Bi-silque’s facilities, talk to our people, see the investment and understand our capabilities, they are genuinely amazed. The small family owned manufacturing business they knew from years ago, is now a global leader in visual communication product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and logistics.

Sustainability & Compliance

Sustainability is in our DNA. It is fundamental to how we think, how we conduct our business and how we identify opportunities - thanks! to a visionary Portuguese family that saw on cork and wood in all its potential.

Innovation & Design

Connecting People may be what we do; however, innovation and design of visual communication products like whiteboards, easel pads, interactive solutions and planning accessories is how we do it.