Partners & Suppliers

Every day at Bi-silque, we strive to bring positive change to our shareholders, employees and customers by improving our operations’ efficiency and our relationships with our suppliers and the rest of our stakeholders. To this end, we aim to treat our suppliers fairly and provide them with equal opportunities for success.

We strive to build strong alliances with vendors who value our guiding principles and can provide the best solution for our company in both the short and long term. 

Five reasons to become a Bi-silque supplier: 

1. We are a secure and growing business with product distribution to over 80 countries in 5 continents
2. We procure a vast array of services, components and raw materials for products whose demand continues to increase
3. We are diversified and continue to innovate in new and innovative solution areas
4. We have long term relationship with our core customer base, and continue to develop new relationships in more channels and verticals
5. We place a high degree of value on sustainability and integrity in the relationships with our partners

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