Leadership & Commitment

CEO Message

Dear Visitor,

On behalf of the Vasconcelos family and the staff of the Bi-silque Group of companies, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Bi-silque. At the young business age of 37 years, our future continues to shine brightly . We continue to transform from a family business into a global multi-national with a relentless focus on visual communication products. While our mission is to Connect People, we do so by adding value to our reseller partners, helping them help consumers to create great spaces where they work, relax and learn.

Our resellers are at the heart of our business. We pride ourselves in developing innovative products and solutions faster than any competitor in our space and continue to deliver significant category growth to our growing partner network.

Bi-silque continues to elevate our sustainability commitment and implement new initiatives throughout our business. from raw materials , through manufacturing processes, and into product development.

The next few years will prove to be exciting times for the Bi-silque Group as we continue to transform and grow. Thank you for your interest in Bi-silque and we hope you find this website helpful as you learn more about the wonderful things we do.


André Vasconcelos