Bi-silque at OPI Partnership 2022 - New Visions of Work

Amsterdam's OPI Partnership is the leading industry event that assists larger and emerging vendor and reseller companies in the business products industry to build long-term strategic relationships.

The event brought together business professionals, eager to source new products and services, enhance professional knowledge, and network with peers. 
Work-life as we once knew it is gone forever. For employees and company leaders looking to get ahead of the curve, Bi-silque presented the market trends that are shaping the business world. From Blended Technology and Corpoworking to Circular Economy & Upcycling.
Everyone’s professional lives continue to change and adjust to shifting trends and operational realities. Our aim is to support and ease this adaptation, so we showcased innovative products that perfectly carry out these "New Visions of Work": the Interactive Panel and Cam Studio, the Suri Boards, and the Earth Kyoto Easel, and many others.  
As experts in visual communication products often used in meetings, we understand that the attendees’ needs might go beyond whiteboards or easels. Several companies struggle with unproductive meetings. They cost time and money and affect how people work together and get things done.
Therefore, we launched the Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools, a set of indispensable assets to run more purposeful and properly planned meetings and deliver better outcomes. These meeting templates and custom boards will help businesses save time and money, boost efficiency and productivity, and improve the workflow.
We would like to thank our visitors for stopping by our exhibition room. It was a pleasure taking part in such inspiring and engaging conversations. We appreciate your great interest in our products, your insights, and positive feedback.
Looking forward to seeing you in OPI Partnership 2023!