New Challenges and Changes in the Bi-silque Family

Beth Wright is leaving for other professional adventures and new talents are taking over

Beth Wright, a key member of the Bi-silque family over the past 10 years, as Vice-President for North America and, more recently, as Chief Commercial Officer, will be leaving the Bi-silque group as she has accepted a new executive position outside the Bi-silque world.
We are working in hiring a suitable replacement concerning her prominent position and will be revealing more updates shortly.
Nevertheless, concerning the US market we have already appointed John Rouse as Interim General Manager. John has over 30 years in the industry as an executive and a consultant, so is very familiar with the visual communication category as he has spent over 20 years in the GMI Companies (which includes Ghent Manufacturing) where he was the group’s President.
Meanwhile, other relevant organizational changes occurred lately, with Joaquim Damas, former R&D Manager, taking over the role and responsibility of Chief Marketing Officer. Joaquim joined Bi-silque in 2011 and he successfully implemented the New Product Development process and developed the R&D team. He was also responsible for implementing the SGIDI – Innovation certification in the organization, being recognized by his ability of structuring and putting in place complex processes and building strong skilled and autonomous teams. His passion for innovation will certainly be a plus in helping us move the increasingly growing marketing processes and team forward.
The R&D Manager function will be taken over by Luis Coelho, who joined Bi-silque in 2012, and quickly evolved to become R&D Project Leader. Responsible for the most complex and successful NPD projects in the last years, Luis is internally recognized for his professional attitude and ability to make it happen.
In the words of our CEO, André Vasconcelos: "we would all like to thank Beth Wright for her dedication over the time she has been part of our family and wish her and all the new appointed managers the best of luck in their new endeavor."