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Innovation & Design

Innovation and Design is not just about coming up with new ideas and products— it’s also about changes that lead to growth and differentiation. It takes focus, creativity and discipline. That is why Bi-silque created the Innovation and Design Center (IDC). A non-traditional work space dedicated to furthering the interests of customers and-end users.

Employing four key principles, the IDC lab and collaboration spaces inspire leadership, challenges the status quo, and inject differentiated structural, style and application innovation into our New Product Development (NPD) cycle. Bi-silque’s IDC seeks to leverage the power of:

1. Fresh Talent –partnering with local universities and internship programs
2. Structured Processes – employing proven NPD management systems like NP4457
3. Personal Strengths – encouraging mentorship and project self-assignment
4. Collaborative Workspace – providing visual tools and freedom of movement

The IDC is not just for the NPD team. It is the natural focal point where corporate ideas congregate. It is where marketing, sales, production, planning and senior management meet to exchange ideas, solve problems and inspire the next. By incorporating this space into our corporate culture, we turn our customers’ business problems into opportunities.