Commitments & Assets

Sustainability & Compliance

Today, we have a company-wide commitment to being a leader and partner on the voyage towards sustainability. We have experienced that great things can be accomplished when we work together to sustain our environment, communities and businesses. And we have learned that the best path is sometimes the simplest. So, we have streamlined our approach and focused on activities where we can have the greatest impact - and make the following pledge.

We work to optimize the social and ecological impact of how our raw material and sub-component inputs are sourced’

Local Sourcing

We consider the total miles travelled from source to sale of our products. Therefore where commercially viable we source as many raw materials as local as possible. Last year almost 60% of our raw materials were from the Iberian peninsula, and another 20% from within Europe.

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration seeks to bring engagement and accountability both down and up through the supply chain. This close relationship not only ensures that Bi-silque’s ethical standards are strictly adhered to, but also provides additional opportunities for continuous improvement in waste reduction, greenhouse gas emissions and product quality; as well as providing longer-term economic viability.

We don’t just assemble and package product. Bi-silque is a truly integrated group that owns and operates critical input businesses such as Industrial Design & Engineering, Software Development, Wood Processing & Milling, Paper Converting, Steel Cutting & Fabrication, Dye Sublimation & Screen Printing, Pallet Manufacturing, Corrugate Die-cutting & Printing, Warehousing & Trucking and Energy Generation. 

Ethical Sourcing 

We expect our suppliers to act with honesty, integrity and respect and place a high value on ethical sourcing. Sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement, not a destination. In order to make our ethical sourcing goals more robust, we are in the process of developing a new, more comprehensive, Supplier Code of Business Conduct. Expected to be implemented in 2017, it is designed to more comprehensively addresses the following principles in the workplace: 

• No Child or Forced Labour;
• Protection of Human Rights and no Discrimination;
• Protection of the Health and Safety of Employees;
• Compliance with Laws and Employment Standards
• Compliance with Environmental Laws and Standards;
• No Bribery
We develop and make available the most preferred line of environmentally responsible products and packaging’

Product Design

At Bi-silque, we take a Product Lifecycle approach to Product Stewardhip. It all starts with our believe that great design is sustainable design. So, we strive to eliminate negative environmental impact through skillful, environmentally sensitive product development.

By focusing on product functionality, material inputs, manufacturing processes and end-of-life implications, we can positively improve the downstream impact of our produces. Some of our many examples include:

• Our double-sided melamine boards offer twice the usefully life over traditional melamine boards
• A increasing proportion of our aluminium extrusions are now from a 100% recycled source
• We avoid the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) through the use of water based adhesives throughout production and use powder coated paints and finishes rather than solvent based paints and lacquers; 
• Utilize quality materials that enable some of the most robust warranty offers in the industry
• We implement mechanical assembly rather than reliant on adhesives;
• All the soft board used in the production of over 1.5 million notice boards and whiteboards is from a certified PEFC source. This equates to almost 1.5 million square meters per annum. 

Packaging Design

It is not just about what is in the box. It includes a look at the supply chain as a whole from its basic function of protection and shipping, through to disposal and ultimate recycling.

Due to packaging’s physical nature, we understand that visual communication products are challenging to distribute. It is therefore a delicate and ongoing balance between to little and too much packaging. So, at Bi-silque, we turn our attention to material choices that have proven quantifiable impacts such as:

• Ensuring that a minimum of 80% of our saleable unit, inner and master packaging is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable.
• Use materials that are recyclable through widely accessible programs. By avoiding unfavorable components which are commonly mistaken as recyclable such as multi-layered laminates, black plastic, bubble wrap and non-PET materials, we can keep more waste out of landfills.
• Through smart packaging decisions, like choosing water activated paper tape over PVC Tape, we can improve the productivity of the recycling stream and the quality of recycled material outputs - ultimately enabling program demand and expansion.

Product Offering

Bi-silque’s environmental leadership extends beyond its factory walls. It compels us to assist resellers and consumers in achieving their corporate and personal sustainability goals. By making readily available quality environmentally preferable alternatives at competitive prices Bi-silque makes an impact around the globe.

To this end, Bi-silque continues to innovate and expand a product assortment marked with our “EARTH” stamp, denoting that these products are an environmentally preferable choice over other products available with similar functionality.

Product Marketing

End-users want to make smart buying decisions, and resellers are increasingly implementing programs in support of their customers needs. By providing and promoting clear, accurate and substantiated claims, Bi-silque makes it easy and safe for our customers and end-users to make preferable purchasing decisions. 

Where products have a meaningful and evidenced environmental benefit, we denote them with our “EARTH” stamp, eliminating the need to research various product lifecycle schemes and recycled claims. We participate in globally recognizable and trusted standards and clearly and accurately mark our products recycled content in all of our marketing and packaging. 
We minimize our own environmental footprint by focusing on Recycling, Biofuel Cogeneration and Green Energy’

Waste Recycling

Reducing landfill waste is just one of the many ways that Bi-silque is able to manage its environmental footprint. From the office, through cafeteria and onto the factory floor, a multi stream collection system allows us to segregate and recycle paper, plastic, glass, organics, cork, metal and even coatings. 

Biofuel Cogeneration

Bi-silque’s investment in industrial cogeneration results in the reduction of our carbon footprint by converting biofuel waste into power. Every year, we incinerates around 250 tons (35%) of our wood production waste material. This combustible wood waste is collected throughout the production process using a centralized cyclonic dust extraction system. The incinerator then converts this biofuel into steam and heat which is used for kiln drying our timber, ISPM15 heat treating of pallets and heating plate presses on the factory floor.

This energy equates to savings o approximately 750,000 Kwh per year. The remainder (65%) is collected by various raw material recyclers for the production of MDF, chip board or briquettes.

Green Energy

In 2013, Bi-silque started an ambitus 10 year project with the goal of becoming 20% electricity self sufficient through the use of green power. With the knowledge and measureable benefits gained through years of cogeneration, we turned our attention to Portugal’s most powerful assets - the sun.

Today, with the installation of over 1,300 solar panels (2,000 m2) we are able to produces 44,6000kwh/year of green energy, or about 13% of the energy consumed by our Esmouriz office and manufacturing facilities.
We are recognized as the partner of choice for customers wishing to place a priority on sustainability’

Sustainability Education

Bi-silque is in the business of helping our customer and end-users thrive. By showing them that what is better for the environment can also be better for business, we contribute to their success. 

At the heart of our sustainability strategy is the commitment to continuous learning and improvement. That is why we actively share knowledge at customer and end-user ‘Green’ fairs and routinely make available articles and documentation; providing ideas, resources and advice on ways for our partners to reach their goals faster.

Bi-silque also leverages opportunities to share knowledge by participating in key industry events and interviews. These include trade publications, presentations and panel discussions on sustainable products and supply chains for the global office products industry.

Industry Initiatives

At Bi-silque, we take pride in supporting industry initiatives that improve the lives of families and help advance our common business sustainability goals.

Initiatives such as City of Hope, are the vehicles that enable us provide the resources and compassion necessary to make a real difference. And by working towards these common goals with our customers, we become closer as a community and are inspired to do even more.
We develop our internal capability and expertise to deliver on our sustainability objectives

For any business, the workforce is a valuable asset, and a sound worker-management relationship is a key ingredient to the long-term sustainability of the enterprise and community at large. The protection of employees, pertaining to sickness, workplace accidents, sexual and racial discrimination, equality of opportunity, maternity protection and required occupational training are just some of the values and rights actively advocated for by Bi-silque in all the countries where we do business.

Working Conditions

At Bi-silque, we globally demonstrate respect for and adhere to (at a minimum) local and international standards relating to labour and working conditions. As a member of the European Union, Portugal has a similar employment law system to that of its local trading countries, in respect to both its architecture and solutions. In addition, the country’s membership in the union has led to the incorporation into its laws, a set of European directives on labour relations, which apply throughout the European Area.

In further support of these standards, Bi-silque’s Esmouriz factory has a free on site medical clinic managed by a nurse and doctor to ensure convenient, adequate and regular care in provided to its employees and their families.

Diversity & Inclusion

Bi-silque respects and appreciates differences in ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education and religion. We all bring with us diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. As a source and driver of innovation, diversity is imperative in both business and in society. 

At Bi-silque, we know the power of diversity is unleashed when we respect and value differences. To this end, Bi-silque has created and implemented a Code of Conduct. The Code applies to all employees and contingent workers of Bi-silque, including those employed or retained by its wholly-owned subsidiaries, in all countries where Bi-silque does business.
Business models are changing faster than ever before. Asset light supply chains are increasing in numbers as technology and social pressures necessitate new operating requirements. 

At Bi-silque, we understand the multi-channel supply chain challenges our customers face on a daily basis, so we have constructed a solution that enables them to quickly evolve in response to these new business demands.

Either simultaneously, or transitioning with the ebb and flow of business needs, our customers have access to four categories of Logistical solutions.

Direct Sourcing: Purchasing product directly from our manufacturing facility EX works to ensure the lowest transactional purchase cost.

FOB Local Warehouse: Drawing bulk product from our inventory locations located in our key market areas to achieve a balance of cost and convenience.

Quick Ship: Ordering in single units from our inventory locations to eliminate inventory while maintaining full logistics control.

Wholesale Partners: Sourcing product from one of our many partners to simplify procurement processes and benefit from demand aggregation economies.

No matter what your requirements are, and how frequently they change, Bi-silque has the right logistical option to manage logistical costs, maintain operational efficiencies and provide a backup to your primary solution.
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• ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) -
• Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) -
• ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management Systems –