André Vasconcelos

Chief Executive Officer

He started his career working at his parents company at a young age, absorbing all the good practices and values his family  based the business on, and obtaining  experience of every sector of the business, including production, sales and marketing. 

As the CEO of a Global Visual Communications Specialist, André Vasconcelos, likes to keep a low profile and  is not very fond of the spotlight, event though a great part of Bi-silque's success is his responsibility! 

Andre, thanks to his own and his family dedication, has seen the company become a modern, world-leading business, based on contemporary management models. He, like is Predecessors  makes sure the entire business is underpinned with a strong emphasis on social and environmental responsibilities, together with constant  innovation in new product development, that really is able to bring additional value to the industry, and move the offer always further beyond traditional office supplies.