Luis Coelho

R&D Manager

Luis Coelho is our new R&D Manager. Working at Bi-Silque since January 2012, he first worked as a Product Project Manager and has been responsible for the project management team for some time now.
With a Degree in Chemical Engineering with a good final average at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering - Particle Technology from the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, England, Luis started his career in 1998 as Director of laboratory and research evolved to be Leader of the planning and support and later Project manager at Philips Remote Control Systems (RCS) - Philips Portuguesa SA.
Besides all this, Luis loves to travel and likes to visit at least one new country per year. Sports are another one of Luis’ passions, he is an active sportsman, playing squash, futsal, tennis, beach volleyball every time he cans, as long as he has no back pain. He is also a numismatist, so if you are missing a coin, he probably collected it!