Facts & Milestones

From a small family business that started from a garage in Esmoriz to a multinational business that continues to grow strong

Bi-silque has come a long way, mostly due to the hard working spirit and continuous devotion and passion for creating beautiful and useful products that facilitate communication and organization within households, offices and work teams around the world.
Taking the mother company's name and fruits overseas - a name that was actually inspired in the dedication of silkworms that work round the clock making their beautiful cocoons that turn into a luxurious fabric – Bi-silque brands are increasingly gaining reputation and notoriety not only in European and North American Market, where we have company branches as well as logistic and commercial centres, but also in several countries in other continents, in a total of more than 85 countries.
Get to know more about us and our company milestones.


The Beginning of a Dream

It was the year of 19179, when Aida and Virgílio Vasconcelos, a visionary Portuguese couple, that despite having already 3 wonderful kids in their lives, decided to devote their selves to the adventure of growing a successful business of their own! A dream that started many years before when they were still struggling, working for others earning a 2, 50 € salary! 


The First Bi-silque Logo Was Created

Bi-Silque’s current logo - Even though this was not the company’s initial logo, this is the one that holds 39 years of history. it was in this particular year that the first steps of Bi-silque were taken, and the business start growing from a family garage into a multinational successful and responsible business! Little they knew that the company they were creating would someday literally put Portugal on the map as global leader in visual communication products.


The First Tradeshows Abroad

One of the first trade shows abroad in Birmingham,1981.  Here we can see cork and wood were the raw materials of choice, and also  have a clearer idea of how did Bi-silque’s first logo looked like.


The First Business Adventures Abroad

D. Aida remembers the days traveling abroad for Tradeshows with their luggage stuffed with the maximum of product samples possible to show around whenever they had a chance!  Especially because in the beginning they had no economic conditions to buy a stand, so they really had to visit all exhibitors and to approach important visitors to show them their unique product.
As cork was slowly starting to be a trend our founders started conquering their market share in the global market of home and office products.  Particularly before the success of a genius idea, rare at the time: To use different prints to differentiate and “customize” products even more.


The Growth of an International Presence

A sign and an enhancer of that success was the constant participation in relevant Events and Trade shows for the Home and Office Products industry. Attending  for instances Paperworld, Frankfurt  since its beginning, in the year of 1990.


First aerial view of the company facilities

This aerial picture taken in 1992  clearly shows how big Bi-silque production facilities were already at that time, and how important investing in the right conditions to grow have always been for the company.


Bi-silque UK becomes a reality

Bi-Silque continues to grow, and has the company’s global reputation keeps getting bigger, so as the need for having offices abroad!

Production of the first aluminum products, cork still features as favorite raw material, but trends were shifting and the company had to keep up with an increasingly demanding market.


Design, trade shows and New Products

Bi-silque’s love for design is evident in every output, particularly in the booths created for every trade show.
Here we can see another version of Bi-silque’s logo and graphics.
Keeping up with latest design trends is also in the company’s DNA!


Bi-Office Brand is Born

The success of Aida and Virgílio’s family business was such that, in 1998, it would only make sense to create a private label to Bi-silque products.


Bi-Office attends Trade shows

Bi-Office in a Trade Show where it is evident the focus on the presentation of innovative products which is a characteristic that  has always been part of Bi-silque’s attitude and strategic market approach.


1st pan European contract was accomplished

 Indeed a relevant milestone in  the company’s history!  


A strong presence the Japanese market

Bi-silque SA was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of Ambiente Japan, as one of the companies with more years exhibiting in Japan, as well as other exhibitions organised by Frankfurt Messe.


Foundation of Bi-silque, SGPS, SA.

In 2007 the Foundation of the Bi-silque group was truly a high point, and an indicator of the company’s success! Aida’s and Vírgilio hardwork and passion for their business really elevated their initial dream to even higher than expected.


Bi-Silque USA offices open

In the same year Bi-Silque Visual Communication Products Inc.opens in the USA.
Another milestone, another smart business decision.
Investing in the American market, Bi-silque never lost track of the investments they have been making in the last couple of years! In 2007 the company had been attending Ambiente Frankfurt around 25 years and exhibiting collections at Ambiente Japan since its beginning!


Mastervision brand was born

Logically the next steps in the USA for Bi-silque it were the launch of a brand for this particular and huge market.


Bi-Bright brand is launched

In 2009, the investment the company has been doing in Innovation and technology resulted in the launching of Bi-Bright, a brand with disruptive interactive and software solutions!


Bi-silque headquarters and main production facility grows

Headquarters aerial view – in 2010 Bi-silque’s main production facilities has grown significantly!


Bi-Bright officially launches its first interactive products!

In 2011, Bi-Bright started brightening BETT Show in London! The strategic focus on technology and education was beginning to be clearer and stronger for the company! 


João Pedro, André and Patrícia Vasconcelos inherit the amazing legacy of Bi-silque!

In 2012, Aida and Vírgilio Vasconcelos had accomplished their dream and much much more, so they felt that it was time to go ahead with a Formal succession implementation, leaving the company on the capable hands of the couple’s “children”, that by that time had already grown with and as much as the company!


Getting bigger in North America

2013 was the year of the Bi-silque’s expansion to Canada, and we reached Full national coverage in the US.


Bi-silque Deutschland is created

Bi-sique kept growing fast and expanding gradually, so offices and warehouse in Germany inaugurated in 2014 were another natural and expected milestone.


Headquarters Renovation and Internationalization Anniversary

In 2015 Bi-silque invested in a New and bigger Showroom and central office in Esmoriz Headquarters. The Showroom expanded its area considerably and served as as a great sample showcase of the company’s products, new and core!
In the same year the company celebrated 25 years of Paperworld and of Bi-silque’s presence at this iconic industry trade show!


Offices in France, big numbers and Cover of OPI

2016 marks the opening of more Bi-silque offices throughout Europe, this time in France! In March the company was cover of the famous magazine OPI, and Bi-silque reached 98,7% of production export to more than 80 countries in 5 continents.


Launching our premium brand and gaining more recognition

ARCHYI. a brand that offers high-end collaborative workspace design solutions has come to revolutionize the interior design, architecture and contract furniture market. Product and Vendor Awards given by relevant customers and the company's digital transformation also marked 2017.
Cover of OPI in the second year in a row, it was an honor to be the focus of an edition and many other along our 38 years old path


Winner of an European Office Products Award

Being distinguished as Vendor of the Year in EOPA 2018 has been the highlight of this year... so far!