We strive to create value for our
customers, while seeking ways to
contribute to a better quality of life
for all our Stakeholders

Employee Initiatives

These are some of the things that we are doing to contribute
to a better quality of life for our employees.

Working Conditions

We focus on improving all working conditions, may these be on the factory floor or the offices. We believe that these improvements result in better quality and performance of the work.


We promote well-being for our employees and their children by encouraging regular exercise, including subsidising the fees for swimming practice.

Education and Training

We promote education and training for our employees and their children, and subsidise the school books for the children.

Other Initiatives

Besides the above-mentioned initiatives for the employees, Bi-silque is also sensitive to the
well-being of other communities, and has contributed the following way:

Other Components for Sustainability

Besides the Social aspects shown above, please see also the other two
components that are a part of Sustainability.